7 Best Work From Home Jobs That Every Housewife Can Do (Updated)

There are many job oppertunities for housewives! Housewives needs to do a part time job to support their family and to fulfill their personal needs also. It’s not only the matter of money, but also it’s a matter of self-dependent. Isn’t it? Today there are many work from home opportunities are available (both online and offline) which can be controlled from home by a housewife. You just need to choose the right job for you depending on your comfort zone.

Update– Hello there, this list has updated with one more valuable opportunity. Now here is the list of 11 best work from home jobs for the housewives. (29/06/2018)

Here is a list of some home based jobs which every housewife can do.

Home based Job for women

No.1 Sale your Handmade Products Online: Handmade products like- Jewelry, Crafts & Clothing are in very high on demand. If you have the talent then you can make thousand of dollars by selling your handmade products online. 

You can sell them on Amazon or eBay

No.2 T-Shirt Designing (updated): This job is perfect for the housewives who have a creative mind and a little knowledge in Photoshop. You can sell your own T-shirt design to the websites like Design by human and Threadless for a cost of $300 to $400. Probably, there are already thousands of world class designer in the room, but it doesn’t matter. Because, your success will depend on your creativity.

Now, if you believe in your talent then, learn quickly how T-shirt designing will give you money from Design by human and Threadless.

No.3 Sell Homemade Foods Online (updated): It’s one of the most easy and genuine online earning opportunity to the common housewives. Today, people are very alert about their health, so they prefer to eat homemade foods  instead of spicy hotel foods.

Therefore, many online food delivery portals such as watscooking.com has become popular within a very short time. Many housewives out the who is making more than Rs- 20,000 per month from it.

Now, if you also want to sell your homemade goods within your locality, then register the site watscooking.com (for the Indians) or Josephine Cooking Community (Set your menu, price and pick up time. People will pick up your food from your door. Watch the video!)  with the pictures of your favourite dishes. This service is totally free and you will get an SMS whenever you receive orders.

No.4 Sell Traditional Recipe eBook Online: Write eBooks on traditional recipes and sell them online. Yes it’s a competitive marketplace because there are already thousands of books on traditional recipe, but you can beat them all if you provide quality video DVD along with your eBook. 

You can sell eBooks on Amazon or eBay . They will only charge a minimum commission for that.

No.5 Make your own Youtube Channel: If you love cooking and you can cook numbers of dishes then go ahead. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos of new cooking recipes  with your handy cam or mobile. 

Try to experiment with traditional recipe of your own locality.

No.6 Do an Online Job: If you don’t have any special talent then, you can still earn money by doing online jobs. Like- Data entry, Ad posting, Paid survey, etc. These types of jobs are perfectly designed for housewives. 

No.7 Write Kitchen Products Reviews: If you want to earn a serious money online, then start your personal blog and write kitchen product reviews. Link your articles with relevant affiliate links, and drive your readers to the merchant site.

If you don’t believe in blogging success, then please take a look at the best food blogs in India (short listed by +Amit Agarwal ). It can definitely inspire you!

You will be paid after every successful purchase from your referral link. It’s called affiliate marketing. Read more about affiliate marketing here.

No.8 Become an Independent Distributor: There are many companies providing independent distributor ship to sell their products (like- Harballife) for a good commission. This type of distributor ship available at almost free of cost. You can make a good amount of cash by selling products to your locality. 

It’s very easy to sell cosmetics and fitness products for a woman than a man.

No.9 Become a Child Tutor: You can earn money by teaching other’s children. There are many moms and dad who don’t have enough time to spend time with their children. They definitely need a private tutor for their baby. 

So, just put a banner outside of your house that you are a private tutor, people will constant you soon.

No.10 Make a Playing School at Your Home: If you want to increase your income level then convert your teaching room into a playing school. You no need to have a separate place to start a playing school, you can start this on your house garden along with a large room with washroom facilities. 

It’s better to have some assistant teacher with you. Search the internet to know more about playing school. See the play school franchise list.

No.11 Virtual Call Center Agent: It’s also a home based job which can be done from your home zone. There are many companies are offering virtual call center job around you. All though there are many types of call center jobs available, but, the most common are- Telemarketing, Customer service, Survey, Sales, Verification, etc. Here you will be paid per hour or per sale based (depends on the company and job type).

Sometime you might be asked for a little registration fee (not huge) as service charge. But, you should always avoid paying fees before settlement.

Here the example of the companies which are providing Virtual call center jobs- American express call center jobs (via about.com) for USA clients. India domestic call center job (via freelancer.in).

Thanks for giving your time.