Why Website Ranking Going Down; Some Probable Reasons And Its Solution

There might be a several reasons behind losing ranking of your website in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Because, there are too many small and big things are working as search engine ranking factor (SERPs) for a particular web content or an entire website.

It’s really tough to say anything specific about SEO failure of a particular website without investigating data comes from any paid and free analytics tools like- Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, etc.

Dropping SEO

But, here is some common SEO mistakes which has been seen in most of the SEO failure websites. You should definitely take care of these-

The top 5 probable reasons and its solution;

No.1 Contents are outdated: It’s the most common issue. An outdated content is act like a less informative or less useful content to its users as well as to the search engines. Hence, search engines always prefer new and updated content in upper position to keep the search results more useful.

So, you need to update your contents regularly with latest and most relevant information that you can stay in the competition. Here some matters which we generally forget to update-

  • Hyperlinks or outbound links (Brocken links).
  • Change of Company/Organization names. 
  • Grammatical mistakes.
  • Pictures.

Another major thing is structure data (Micro data) error. Test Structure Data of your webpage. If you see something like “dateModified: missing and recommended” then the search engine like Google will never know when your content get updated.

    No.2 Slow loading issue: A slow loading sites doesn’t able to provide a better user experience. Because, it’s boring to see a slow loading website. Users simply ignore slow loading sites and move to the other place. Now, as today’s search engines are designed based on user satisfaction, so, probably a slow loading site will lose its ranking very fast.

    You can test your site loading speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. Here some common reasons behind slow loading sites-

    • Using heavy java scripts.
    • Using excess CSS codes.
    • Un-optimized images.
    • Slow server response.

    No.3 Increase of irrelevant contents:Right things should be in the right place“- search engines are following this rule strictly! So, you have to make all of your content relevant to your site topic that your site can be search engine friendly. For instance- A travel site should have only travel related information, instead of fashion related contents or something else.

    Creating more irrelevant contents will reduce your overall site relevancy to the search engines as well as to the human users. If your website has too many irrelevant contents, then move them to a new place now!

    No.4 Backlink competition: “Dofollow” quality backlinks affect your site’s page quality (Google page rank) and a higher page quality will boost search engine ranking of your entire website. So, if your site ranking is going down, then there might be two reasons-

    1. Your website is losing quality backlinks. It’ll happen when site moderators remove your website links from their contents or, if you redirect your website to a new domain name.
    2. Your competitors has generated more quality “dofollow” backlinks than you.

    The only solution of this problem is- generating quality backlinks by creating useful contents or providing quality service that people like to link back your site naturally.

    No.5 Crawling issue: If search engines are unable to crawl your site properly, then a negative effect will appear in your site’s SEO performance very soon. Crawling is an indexing process by which search engines index your website/contents of their database. Although it’s a very complicated process, but, it’s quite easy to understand that- we should let search engines to crawl your site properly to get a perfect SEO.

    So, you should be careful while using a robots.txt file because, a wrong robots.txt file will block search engines to crawl your website. So, create a perfect robots.txt file which can guide search engine crawlers properly.

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