10 Sites Will Pay You For Whatever You Write Online!

Yes! you heard absolutely right! You might be paid for anything you write online! But, the only condition is- your online writing must be useful and unique to its readers!

Many people out there who really have great talent to write something useful to the world. But, unfortunately they unable to reach the correct platform where they can show their talent. It’s all because of lack of information!

Writing Online and earning

Now, if you think that you or your nearby person has the ability to create something useful and unique to the world, then here is a great opportunity to make some money for that!

Here is the list of 10 great websites where every common person (like you and me) can make money by writing articles on almost every topic. But, as I mentioned early that your article have to pass some common tests such as- Duplicate content test, Grammatical mistakes, Spelling mistakes and of course quality test.

Top 10 Websites To Make Money Writing!

No.1 Listverse: It is an online magazine service where every interested writer will be paid a flat $100 via PayPal for contributing 10 fresh articles. They called it a list- which contain 10 articles minimum (each should be minimum 1500 words). Here is no boundary of a topic, you can choose any of your favorite topic to write. The other good news is- it’s open to all. Check out their Write & Get Paid section for more details.

No.2 Global Comment: It’s also a web based magazine where millions of readers like to read fresh contents in almost every topic. Now, if you are a writer or if you just like to write something new on your favorite topic then the platform is your’s!

Although company not mentioned the actual fees of writers in the main website but, many other reliable sources claim that global comment giving $50 for each 1200 word articles. Join Global Comment for more details.

No.3 Matador Network: This website is mainly travel based. Beside this it offers variety of other topical articles for its readers. So, you can write about anything for Matador! But, the only restriction is you can’t write on a specific topic which is already published. Here the Matador’s search function will help you to determine the available topic.

The company offering $40 for each well written article (maximum 1500 words) via PayPal. You can see the full agreement here. But, before going to write for Matador, please take a look at published articles to get an idea abut article-quality!

No.4 Cracked: It’s really a very interesting website! Because, here you can contribute anything you like (really anything!). The topic and requirement is not applicable to this website so, you can easily write on any topic in which you are comfortable (even- comedy, joke and sex).

The payment matter is also very interesting. For each approve article you will be paid $100 and after your 4th article your payment will be jumping up to $200 and if your article listed on the top 10 in their website then you will get extra $50. Join cracked now!

5. Catholic Digest: Well, it’s one of the most popular lifestyle based magazines (printed version) in the USA which publishes only 9 times a year. Here a high quality 1500 word article will get $500 just after publishing. Although, this website belongs to the lifestyle topic, still there are many other topics are available to write.

This magazine also offers examples of writing guideline that you can write more relevant to the Catholic Digest’s queries. See writer guideline for more details.

6. iwriter: This is a freelancing writing site where you can make money by writing on your own topic. It’s a contact based writing program like every traditional freelancing sites. The interesting fact is- here is no chance to get rejected, so, every writer can earn depending on their topic and article quality. Here you can also choose how much you like to earn! The FAQ will help you to get a better idea on this.

Here you will get $1.6 to $4 for writing articles for others. This site actually offers 81% of bidding price of their content. You can join iwriter here.

7. Studiod Talent Network: This is a high class Internet media company where you can earn not only from writing quality contents, but also, you can earn many other talent projects such as photography. Join Studio Talent network to know more.

8. about.com: It is one of the most visited online information site in the world. About.com invites common people to write informative articles about various topics. As a writer, you can earn a full time income form it. There are many reputed and common-writers in the world are already making a six figure income from it.

The actual payment information is not available on the site but, many reliable sources claimed that it offers almost $100 for each article with no word count limitation (although it prefers a revenue sharing payment system). Learn more on writer section.

9. Freelancer: Freelancer.com is the most famous name in the home based freelance community. Here you can find thousands of online writing projects on different topics. As it has a huge database of worldwide employees so, you can easily find out your suitable project quite easily! So, join freelancer now to start working.

10. HubPages: HoubPages is a common online writing platform for writers, searchers and readers where they meet with each others. By joining the HubPages as a writer, you can make money in two different ways- 1. From Google Adsense revenue, generated by your article (you will get 60%) 2. From HubPages Earnings Program. Although earnings may not come directly from HubPages still, it’s one of the best platforms for the beginners as it has no limitation on both article topic and earnings.

If you want to know more about HubPages then see it’s FAQ’s here you’ll get all the answers.