Online Jobs A to Z

Online jobs are quite different from traditional jobs. Here you will have full freedom and no need to follow disgusting orders from an idiot boss. An online job can be done from anywhere you like, such as home, bedroom, park, etc. Here is no need to have a certain degree or to appear an exam. You can do it using a computing device with internet connection.

Online job demand statistic

Online jobs are also known as work from home jobs but, it’s another fact that all types of home based jobs is not involved with online jobs. Today the demand of online jobs is very high (and its increasing) among the all age groups (especially to the students and housewives. See data) because of its availability and easiness.

Why Online Jobs are so popular today;

Well, it’s not a rocket science; you can easily understand that how tough to find a real job in today’s world. So that, people are trying to find a job online as the internet has become the most useful medium to communicate and working. Not only these, but also online jobs are ideal for those people (housewives, students, retired persons) who unable to get out from home to support their family.

Here is another reason behind the popularity of online jobs is- it’s easy to find. You can easily get hundreds of online jobs information by simply typing your requirements on the Google search bar.

Classification of online jobs:

First of all I would like to say that classification of online jobs is really tough because, you can divide online jobs in so many categories depending on its types, sources, income levels, etc. So, taking a particular way is not so easy which will be helpful to all the online job seekers.

For that, here I’ve chosen “job sources” to divide online jobs into different categories because; it’ll be more acceptable to the most of the common online job seekers. Here’s the list-

Contact based (freelancing): Many small and medium size companies or individuals are hiring per-time employees to complete a certain task. It’s also known as freelancing job. This type of online jobs can be found on freelancing sites like freelancer, fiver, Elance, etc.

A company based: There are thousands of companies offering online jobs such as Data Entry, Proof Reading, Ad Posting, etc. But, you need to be careful while choosing these type of jobs as 95% of online job providers are fake!

Self designed: There are a few online jobs which you need to set up by your own effort such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Selling, etc.

There might be many more but, these three are the main division of online jobs.

How to choose the best online job for you;

There are thousands of online jobs available on the internet, but it doesn’t mean that you can do or you should do any online job you like. Remember, nobody will give you money for an easy job. If so, then that is nothing but a scam. So, you should choose the jobs (under your zone) which are offering a reasonable amount of money depending on the toughness of the work!

Points to remember:

  • Choose those jobs which you’ve already done in your physical life.
  • Never ever attract with fascinating offers which have no base.
  • Avoid paying money for an online job.
  • Always read the TOS before joining.
  • Research well before making any decision.

Basic problems with online job;

Although, online jobs have become one of the greatest sources of income to the common people, it still has many problems (for obvious reasons) such as- fake offers, fake sources, bad payment, bad TOS, etc. If you do a little Google search then you can have thousands kinds of complaints against online jobs. Most of these are telling payment problems.

It’s very easy to understand that- unemployment issue is the most suitable issue to make people fool online. That is why bad people are creating fake job offers to the jobless and job seekers.

How much you can earn from it?

Well, it’s quite hard to tell! Because, online jobs have no limitation (maximum and minimum) of earnings. It totally depends on the chosen job types and your hard work. There are a few freelancing jobs which might give you a luxurious lifestyle. For example- software making projects, website designing, virtual assistant, etc. might give you huge money. On the other hand online jobs like- data entry, ad posting, survey, etc. might not be so worthy.

Future with online jobs:

It also depends on your chosen job types and your dedication to the work. If you choose a job which you’re an expert, then undoubtedly you will do well. On the other hand, if you choose an uncommon job, then you may not run longer. Still, you should never fully depend on online jobs. Remember, it’s only suitable for part time income.