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A few about me!

Welcome to my blog Internet Business! And, my name is Majharul Hossain- a blogger by heart and online marketing researcher by nature. I love to spend my time with my laptop. I'm not a highly educated person I just holding a bachelor degree in science. You might not believe that I never had any computer course in my life. Still I'm managing a few hundred dollars from the Google Adsense every month.

Majharul Hossain
Here is no secret behind launching this blog. Actually, I accidentally launched this blog in the year 2012. You will be wonder to know that "Internet Business" and is not my preferred name. I wanted to register the name "creazysolve" instead of "creasysolve". But, it was a spelling mistake! So, I had to change my blogging topic a little and called this blog- "Internet Business". There were definitely many other names available, but, online business is one of my favorite topics and I love online marketing.

So, here in Internet Business, you can learn about online business techniques and self doing online jobs which is one of the most popular subject on the internet also!

This blog is running on the Google Blogger platform with its own custom domain hosted on Godaddy! Why Blogger platform? Answer is very simple- It's free, safe and easy to use. And, most importantly, server never goes down!

The Internet Business blog has born on the September 2012 when I joined an online marketing based company as a computer operator. At that period I learned quite a lot about online marketing without having any professional degree (I’m only a science graduate)! One another truth is that I never had any computer course from anywhere in my life.  But, I’m very much passionate to the computer and the internet from my childhood. And that is why today I able to write something new and useful on the Internet Marketing topic. I was my own teacher!

I knew that there might be a hundred of mistakes in my writing as my background is not so strong like other professionals. So, sorry for that! I always try to write in a simple format that every group of people can read and understand the subject matter easily!

Who Is My Favourite Blogger?

Of course, +Amit Agarwal. Not only for he is the No.1 Indian blogger, but also for his writing style and simplicity. I learned a lot from his blog and his blogging tips. Believe me, he has told the original secret of blogging success. Watch the video-

Am I a Pro Blogger?

Of course not! I’m not a pro blogger because, still I’m not earning so much from this blog that I can manage to live online! I am just earning a few hundred dollars every month from Adsense and some Affiliate programs. I’ll call myself as a pro blogger only, when I can manage my own car from it!

Beside blogging, I'm also connected with a few online companies within my locality at Kolkata!

How to contact me;

You can contact with me on
Or you can email me- for commercial or non-commercial interests.