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Comment Policy

I'm very much excited to receive your comments and also to publish them. Comments are indicting the success and the failure of works. It is also encourage continue the work. For me, comments are the most valuable gift of my work. 

What you should know about comment:

Your comment is not just some branch of sentences it also express the depth of your thought. It also makes a digital foot print of your online presence. So think twice what you're writing before posting a comment. 

But today we all are suffering for 'spam'. Search engine does not like 'spam', and also that website which has spam comments.

My simple comment policy. By posting comments on this blog, you agree the following-
  1. Do not post unusual words (such as- adult words, irrelevant words) in your comments.
  2. You're using real name or real profile.
  3. Please do not post any type of websites or email address on your comments.
  4. Do not make any type of offer by your comments.
  5. Please do not write spamming words like-"nice post", "nice blog" etc. Your comment should be on your genuine interest.
  6. I am strictly following Google Blogger comment policy.