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The Secret Of Blogging Success

Here is no secret of blogging success,only the usefulness is the key! It depends on how useful contents you are writing on your blog.

Basic of Blogging

In the world of the internet, blogging is a very good platform to express yourself to the world. Here not only you can write but also can make some profit from it. Many people in the world are already making a huge profit from their successful blogs.

A name like Amit Awargal ,Michale Arrington.Gina Trapani,Darren Rowse - are very welknown in the blogging world.They all were an employee in the first stage of their life, but they are all quit their job and start blogging professionally and become very successful. Here you can write your own article (about your daily life, experience, business, etc.) for the people.

A small list of successful blogger and their income:-

SmartPassiveIncome-  $21,500/month

Problogger-                $40,000/month

Techcrunch-               $400,000/month

Life Hacker-               $60,000/month

JohnChow-                 $29,000/month

(All the income are approximate)

So, imagine the power of blog writing...

Now if you're going to launch a blog immediately after read that, then please WAIT! I like to inform you something about reality of the blog success

Every world class blogger is a genius person and total dedicated to their work. They're always sitting in front of computers and writing very useful article for their fans.
How to make money from blogging

Unfortunately, many people had failed in this area, because they were started blogging without any particular subject in which they are comfortable. The only money making mind also is harmful of blogging career. The first target of a blogger should be famous. And then the money will come automatically. So, after creating a blog you have to follow some basic rule, which all famous bloggers are following.

Here some basic rule of creating a blog.

1) First choose a topic for your blog.(On what subject you want to write)

2) Choose a suitable name for your blog.

4) Build a community in your blog. (Using social medias and blog to blog relation)

Topic of blog:  Choosing a topic is the most important thing when you're starting a blog. If you don't have a good ides, then you can start blogging about your hobby, your passion in life, your daily life, which only you know better. 

Almost every topic has been written on the internet but no one had written about your experience, your passion. So, write about which you know better, and it might be a good topic to tell to the world. And remember don't try to copy others idea, otherwise you will not be successful.

For example Pete Casmore a celebrity blogger about social media. Now if you think that you will also create a blog about social media and for this a huge traffic will see your blog, then you are wrong. Because traffic will be diverted from search engine to Pete Casmore's blog as he is already popular about this subject. Try to invent your's topic for real success.

Name of blog:  Choosing a name of your blog is also a serious factor. Because the name of your blog is going to introduce it to your visitors. Another thing is search engine optimization (SEO). A good name and its relevant posts can increase your visibility in search engine.

Content of blog: Good content will give you a large number of traffic to your blog. Visitors come to you only for reading your content, especially when your blog is personal (In a business blog, presentation of business products is everything). In this section your first job is maintaining good quality of your content. The quality of your content can attract visitors and will give you top place in search engine. Right after that apply key words in your content for SEO purpose. Key words will help to find your topic in search engine. Finlay doesn't copy others content, try to make yours.

Build community: Build a community on your blog. That means allowing people to comment on your blog post. Getting comment is a great encourage to continue writing and also ensure that you are in the right way. Also comment others popular blog post yourself to divert traffic from there. Share your link in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. But remember do not link too much otherwise your blog will be blacklisted from search engines.
Keep blogging, keep sharing ..

How to make blog like a professional website

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  1. The tips you have given are very useful....I am also new blogger and it will definitely help me to write blogs. Blogging is proved to be promising way to make money online and one should have patience while blogging. After all it is long process and can take some time for returns from blogging. A unique and quality contents is an important factor for a successful blogging and knowledge of SEO is must there. You should promote your blogs effectively with the help of different media like social media sites Facebook..
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