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Understanding the online advertising treads;

Are your business getting enough ROI from offline advertising? If no, then online advertising will fulfill your all the requirements. Here is a great opportunity to put your business advertisements in front of billions of targeted people. Almost half of the total global population are accessing the internet through different kinds of devices. So, your business will get notified by the more people with a little online investment.

Advertising is one of the important part of a business. Business need to send a message to it's right people. So, today the digital advertising acquire a large part of the total advertising market. People are investing billions of dollars on online advertising every year. It's obviously to display their message to the potential customers. 

Online advertising market share:-

Google holding- 32.84% of total online advertising market share.

Facebook is holding- 5.41% 

Yahoo + Microsoft- 5.46%

IAC - 1.37%

Amazon- 0.71%

Twitter- 0.5%

LinkedIn- 0.32%

Aol- 0.94%

Pandora- 0.49%

Others- 51.85%


There is no other company except Google is close to a double-digit percentage share of the total online advertising market. Google is now controlling the digital advertising market. Just because it has many advertising applications and platforms.

Google Advertising: Google is the leading share holder of the total online advertising market. People more likely to advertise on Google platform than other company. It probably because, Google is the father of all online companies and it providing many great advertising opportunity like-
  • search advertising (Text+ Display advertising) 
  • Gmail advertising 
  • YouTube advertising (Mainly Video Advertising) 
  • Advertising through partners websites
  • Mobile advertising 
  • G+ and many more...
All the advertising campaign can be controlled through "Google Adwords" (Total online advertising solution for advertisers).

Facebook Advertising: Facebook is on the top position on social media advertising holding around 89% of the total social advertising market share and it is now is on the 2nd position of the online advertising market share. 

So, a major part of advertisers are like to put their business on Facebook users' wall. Facebook allows advertisers to choose their appropriate audiences ( Here the audiences mean Facebook members) by targeting their (audience) hobbies, likes, interest, etc. In this possess an advertiser can display their products or business to a more relevant audience who will be interested about their product.

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Advertise and Earning: An another advertising system

There many online companies who believe in pay to click advertising system. This advertising system is good for generating leads,

This system also have some bad impression to people. But it is also true that many of them are really good. Lets discuss how does a PTC system work?

How does a ptc site work?

After discussing this issue, we should know that what is ptc program?

The word of PTC means pay to click. Today we have many PTC websites, who really paid their members for only clicking on ads.

Success of online business is totally depends on web traffic. If a website failed to generate much number of traffic, then its online business will collapse within several days . So, every website need to promote in many ways to generate much number of web traffic.

Now, Ptc advertising is the very effective way to promote a website.
PTC type websites generally promote a website or business like Google adwords. But here is a benefit of PTC advertising is that advertiser's website will paid only for clicking, not for impression. And also, pay per click advertising can generate most genuine traffic. So, the websites which was clicked by members of PTC sites, are generally promoted through this system.  

The website owners promote their websites through this system by selecting a package.  For example-A advertiser select a package of 1000 clicks through this system for $20 (advertiser's website will receive 1000 traffic for 20 dollar). That means, for each click, advertiser will paid $0.02 to PTC system.

Now, suppose you want to earn through this system as a member .After becoming a member of the PTC site, each click you will earn $0.01 in average (system will paid to you).Now the calculation of profit of the PTC system is.....

Advertiser paid each click----0.02   ( in dollar)
Members earn each click ----0.01

profit of ptc site is          ----0.01

Now we calculate referral commission. Let PTC site provide 8Th level of referral program and the commission divided to each referral in average is $ 0.001. So for 8 level it will be- 8* 0.001=0.008 $

So, net profit  of PTC is------(0.01-0.008)=0.002 dollar in every click (minimum)
(All of the calculation are only for example. Real Pay Per Click cost will much higher)

Now, think yourself that- how much a good PTC site making profit?

So we can see that PTC income is not fake.Here you can generate lots of money by only choosing a genuine ptc site.

Unfortunately to day 95% of ptc sites are scam or fake. They are not paying their members regularly.

Some genuine PTC website is...
The Clixsense is one of the trusted PTC systems I recommend. Because I also earning with clixsense for three years--sign in into clixsense & start making money form here

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Disadvantage of PTC advertising:

In Ptc advertising system, traffic are not coming from search engine. They are only coming from a system. So, here your traffic will be not organic. Main thing of SEO is to increase organic traffic. If your website containing a quality business then you should not go for this advertising system. Generally spam type websites (like containing- offering big amount of money, Gambling etc) are using this system. 

If your website containing Google AdSense, then it is strictly prohibited to not go for this type of advertising system. Otherwise your AdSense account will banded.

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