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Online Shopping

Introduction to the online shopping.

Welcome To the Internet Business Online Shopping Discussion!

Highlight of Information:
  1. What is online shopping system.
  2. The history of online shopping.
  3. Advantages of online shopping.
  4. Disadvantages of online shopping.
  5. Online shopping security tips.
  6. Top online shopping sites in the world.

First learn the online shopping system:Introduction

Shopping is one of the essential part of our daily life. We're using different types of shops to buy different kind of things everyday. Today we can divide our life into two parts- 1. Physical life, 2. Virtual life

In physical life, we meet each other physically. But, in virtual life we're using digital technologies (like internet) to meet each other. Today virtual life is also very true as our real life, we are doing almost everything in our virtual life. Yes! everything like- talking, communicating, entertainment, business, banking, playing, shopping, educating and many more.

The History of Online shopping

online shopping
Father of online shopping is- Michael Aldrich, who invented online shopping in the year of 1979 (according to the Wikipedia)

Online shopping started at 1994 by pizza Hut. In the same year a German company Intershop Communication introduced world's first online shopping software . After that Amazon (1995) and eBay (1996) was launched one by one. Now online shopping is so much popular that E-commerce B2C product sale in USA touched around $200 billion, it is almost 1/10 of total retail product sale in USA. Research says that online retailer in the USA will worth around $300 billion by 2015.

Not only in the USA, online shopping is now becoming too popular to all nations and all kinds of people.  

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Advantages of shopping online!

It is very easy to shop your favorite items from a large number of online shopping sites available on the internet. You can perform an online shopping from your home comfort. Here is no need to go to the crowed supermarkets or shopping malls during festival seasons. You just need a PC or a laptop and one necessary payment sending option to shop online.

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All types of items like-cars, books, apparel, jewellery, baby care, gifts, tools, etc. can be shipped using online shopping system. Not only these, you can also buy from foreign countries by few clicks on your mouse. And of course you will get your ordered items at your door. Just take a look what type of facilities you'll get by using the online shop-

  • It is very easy.
  • You will choose your favorite items from variety of online shopping sites comparing price and quality.
  • No need to go physical shops. You will have more time for your family.
  • Just need a computer and a payment sending option (like-net banking, credit card, ATM card).
  • Almost all kinds of items can be brought through online shopping system.
  • You can buy foreign goods from your bedroom.
  • You will get your goods at your home.
  • It is very secure.
  • Customer service is available.

    You can use Amazon to shop online. It is secure... 

      Disadvantage of shopping online!

      There are also have many disadvantages of online shopping system. Those are-
      • You can never verify your purchased goods using your own hands. Here you have to depend on picture, videos and descriptions. But the chance of defects is low.
      • Sometime you will pay much higher price for a particular item.
      • If you using ATM card, debit card, credit card, then there will be a question about your bank account security. Think twice before putting your card information into an unknown shopping site (site without HTTPS).
      • Here is no guarantee that you will receive your goods at time. Shipping will be delayed.
      • You have to pay a lot of extra if you buy form foreign shopping site.

      Security tips:

      • Compare price form other site. Also form local market.
      • Read products descriptions, reviews and terms and conditions after purchasing.  
      • Avoid using cards, try to use- net banking, check, PayPal. If you wish to use card then always use 3D secure site ( An additional security layer for online transaction). Use those website which started with HTTPS.
      • Read user experience about your selected goods and the shopping site.
      • Try to buy goods form your own country shopping sites to avoid late delivery and higher shipping cost.   
      • Always use reputed online shopping sites.

      Some Big online shopping sites:

      Two online shopping site that leading the whole E-commerce B2C system and they are Amazon and eBay. These two are the icon of online shopping marketplace. Almost every kind of products and services are available here.

      Here is a list of best online shopping sites-
      Still you want to use the best online store then use the Amazon the oldest and most secure shopping site.


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