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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of (Internet Business) . 

Your privacy is very important to us. Know how (and why) might collect your personal information via different ways.

What types of information we collect:

To provide you our full services we really collects some information including your name, email, location, etc. from you. 

Internet Business collect your-

  • Email address when you sign-up our newsletter or sent us an email. But, it never share your email with anyone 
  • Public information like full Google+ profile data when your become a member of us.
  • Google+ profile data when you comment here.
  • Your device information, browser information using technology like Google Analytics.
This blog also collect others information. And, these are-
  • Third parties on this blog (Like Google Advertising Program) may collect your browser cookies to serve relevant ads.
  • The Google Analytics Advertising Features has enabled in this blog so, Google Analytics may read the information like- your gender, interest, age, location, etc. The data collected by Google Analytics will be used to understand you better and to provide you a better service. You can use software like opt-out to prevent your data from being used. 
The Internet Business and the third party like Google always give importance your privacy and we do not misuse. 

Notice: The advertisements showing in this blog are not directly related to each other. The blog Internet Business will not responsible for any misguidance! 

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