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Hello and welcome to the Modern SEO Firm Kolkata! Here we are not just improving your Business SEO, we also indicating the actual marketing technique that you can take your business to the next level of success!

Search Engine Optimisation is a technique by which a web page (or an entire website) can be optimised for displaying in the search engine results page! Today the search engine optimisation techniques have changed and a simple linkbuilding campaign is not working any more. Search engines are getting smarter day by day and they able to determine the illegal methods of SEO which has performed to manipulate the search ranking (Google Page Rank).

Therefore, a bad choice of SEO might kill your business reputation silently to the search engines. Here is no doubt that those types of methods can increase your search ranking faster within a very short time, but will go down soon. So, that is why we are not only working on SEO, we are also guiding your business!
Modern SEO Firm Kolkata

A few Words About Us;

The Modern SEO Firm Kolkata is a part of this blog ( and here we are providing SEO service as well as online business consulting (marketing part only) service under one roof. Not only paid service, you can also learn about various types of online business activities from our blog.

We have been monitoring the search engine optimisation and its behaviour for almost three years, but, we've launched our SEO firm recently. So, we're really excited to get a call from you.

Plan And Pricing;

We do not have any pre-set plan and pricing. We normally set an SEO plan an it's pricing after discussing with our clients. Our pricing is normally depends on- client's keywords and its competition and duration of contract.


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