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How To Make Money!

A Strong Money Making Idea

We all know very well that we have to do a business or job in order to make a real money to maintain our life. 

Generally, we are looking for a full time job or a business to reach our money making goal. But there are only a few people who riding the success by applying some unique and strong money making ideas.

Now, if you also want to be one of them, then you have to think a little different by getting out of our traditional money making thoughts! Because, "An Idea Can Change Your Life"

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Here presenting a strong money making strategy which never fails;

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How To Make Money

We all know that there are only a few scope where a person can make money without any limitation. 

The Referral Marketing is one of them. 

In the Referral Marketing, a person will earn from his/her referrals activities, even he/she is sleeping.

Wait! Here I'm not going to make you a millionaire. But I'm going to show you how you can make at last 2500/- monthly by spending only 3 hours a day on your PC or Smart Phone.

The Referral Program:

You can easily find thousands of referral program o the internet, but only a few are genuine and easy to work. Here I recommend the ClixSense (Alexa world rank- 1,218 Feb,2015) worlds most trusted paid to click company which providing also many other exciting money making programs like- referral program, pay per survey program, online advertising, etc.

But the main income opportunity is referral marketing. Here a member can earn money by clicking ads, completing surveys and referring the program to others.  

Here in referral marketing a member can earn-

Member Type       Sign-Up Commission (for each referral)

Free                          $0.05 (And 5% extra commission from their earnings)

Paid                          $0.10 (And 10% extra commission from their earnings)

The sign-up commission will be started after your earning passed $10 (for free membership) and $5 (for paid membership)

Referral Commission
The Main Idea to Make Real Money from ClixSense:

If you want to earn money from ClixSense by just clicking ads, completing tasks, then it will take a very long time. So, the only way is to get a huge referral under your referral link.

How to Get Referrals: 

The secret to getting ClixSense referrals is to promote your referral link through Facebook and Google Plus. 

Here is the methods:

  1. Create Facebook account. If you don't have already one. You can use more than one account (If you have).
  2. Join at last 100 money making Facebook groups.
  3. Create a free Blogspot, WordPress blog as your marketing landing page.
  4. Write about the program details on your blog and keep a clear sign-up option over there. 
  5. Make your marketing landing page attractive.
  6. Post the landing page in each different 100 Facebook groups daily with exciting picture.
  7. Now join at last 50 Google+money making groups. And share your landing page in each groups daily with picture.
  8. You can also promote your referral link directly without landing page. Here you just need to use some exciting pictures.
Note: Don't spam! Otherwise you will be band. It's better to share your landing page.

Bonus Tips:

You can use classified advertising to get more referrals.


    For 100+50=150 post you will get minimum 30 joining daily.

    So, if your membership is free-

    Then you will earn- 0.05×30= $1.5 daily. So, monthly=$45 that means INR-2,700/- 

    That means you will definitely earn INR-2,500/- monthly.

    If you are a paid member

    then you can earn-0.1×30=$3 daily. So, monthly=$90

    That means INR- 5400/-

    That means you will definitely earn INR-5,000/- monthly.

    Complete Tasks:

    Wait, That's not the end! Here is also an another way to make money on Clixsense. The company will provide you a few tasks everyday to make some extra cash. This types of tasks are actually a micro jobs. It's very easy you just need to have a Facebook account for that.

    You can see the tasks offered to you by simply clicking the task tab on your dashboard. 

    Here the example of a list of Clixsince tasks.

    Click to enlarge

    Join the ClixSense and apply the methods to make money!!!


    1. Very genuine post on clixsense its a oldest and honest paying P.T.C sites .. was a member of Clix sense now am using neo Bux am earning some decent amount people who are seeking for online income its a perfect post and without 2nd thought can join. thanks for the post and sharing your experience and ideas with this post.

      1. Yes! Neo Bux is also a genuine PTC site but, I like the Clixsense much. Because, the surveys offering by Clixsense are very impressive. And, also they are paying much faster.


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