Geographic Targeting Tips for Facebook, AdWords Advertising; Using Google Trends

The main goal of advertising is to send a business message to the right people. Everyone will not be interested in a particular business topic. So, you have to target the right people to get the maximum ROI from your advertising campaign. 

Thereby modern online advertising systems have many targeting options such as location targeting, age group, gebder etc; so that you can narrow your target to a particular group of people who will be interested on your business message.

It’s always a big deal to choose the correct geographical location for a certain type of business advertisement. People normally prefer local country along with USA, UK and some dense internet users’ countries that their advertisement can reach to the maximum number of people. But, targeting maximum number of people is meaningless where an advertisement need to reach only the relevant people. 

So, here you need to target only those geographical locations where maximum number of people looking for your business. This concept works equally for Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords (mainly where geographical targeting options are available). 

How to Know the correct geographical location for your Ads;

To know the ideal location for your advertisement, you can use Google Trends history. Here you can easily figure-out the perfect location for your ads. Just follow the steps below before going to run an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google AdWords.
  • Go to the Google Trends official website.
  • Type your advertising topic on search bar like- “SEO company” and hit Enter. Now you’ll have search statistic of your topic along with regional interest. 
  • To know the current trends- narrow your search by selecting “Past 90 days” from top of the page. User behavior always changing so it’s best to follow past 3 month data.
  • Now select the top most interested countries for advertising.
See the picture below for details-
    Geographical targeting tips using Google Trends

    Note: You have to select past three month data to get current user trends. Because, user behavior is always changing in all countries.

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