Uncovering Some Biggest Mistakes In Content Marketing

The success on online business is depends on your content marketing efforts whether it’s a blog or any other traditional online business! So, if your business revenue is depends on online clients then, the content marketing is probably playing a major role in there!

Today the content marketing is not only bounded in a single written formatted contents, it has become more advanced and flexible with the change of online customer’s behaviour.

You can produce your business message in front of your clients in various formatted of web contents, such as written format, audio-visual, image format and many more. But most importantly, you have to make your contents more relevant and user friendly to archive your content marketing goal.

Content Marketing mistakes all time

Most cases it has seen that the new online marketers are always in a hurry to distribute their contents on social media, emails and paid campaigns to get early attention. But, a real marketer never do that! They hold their content until the right time comes.

7 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes All Time

No.1 No Unique Content at all: Probably, it’s the first biggest issue which is responsible for your content marketing failure. Because, a business content must be unique and fresh that can attract customers. For example if you take a look at social media and TV commercials then, you can see that people always like to engage with fresh contents and advertisements.

This method is not only working in social media and TV ads only, it also works in online promotions, as here you’re also dealing with real human and their needs.

So, first of all you need to be sure that the content idea is coming from your head, not picked up from another place.

No.2 Lack of research: Researching a lot will increase business converting power of your content. Yes, it’s very simple to understand that researching about your targeted people and their needs can make your business content more effective and useful. Actually, targeting people’s needs is the most important ingredient of ideal content creation.

So, it’s better to investigate a lot on your customer and their queries before creating your business contents. Don’t run your content marketing campaign with less researched contents. It’s recommended!

No.3 Content not perfectly fit on your goal: Are you sure that your content perfectly fit on your content marketing goal? Well, it might be a confusing question but, you really need to think twice before entering into content marketing that your content is perfectly fit from every angle to your targeted people.

Your content must show your business intention. Let’s say- you want to make people sign up into your next business event, so that you need to put some reasonable value into your content that people love to sign up. Here the content telling other things will not perfectly fit with your business goal. This mistake is happening mostly in multi-purpose business contents.

No.4 you’re not speaking in customer voice: It’s also a very important point for content marketing. Today all the successful marketers acknowledge that the content speaking customer’s voice is more effective than the contents written in traditional business voice. It’s very obvious because, people always love to hear what they actually want to hear about a product. It might be the usefulness, pricing, quality, multitasking, longevity, etc.

Now, the question is how you could know what your customer exactly wants to hear from you?

Well, to know that you need to investigate a few things about your targeted customer. Here is some example-

  • Which group your customer belongs i.e.- Rich, middle class, lower middle class / Highly educated, Medium educated (graduation), Less educated or students etc.
  • What they’ve already used.
  • Things they’re normally using or looking for.
  • What are their complaints?

No.5 you’re using wrong marketing channels: The success of content marketing is also depends on the marketing channel selection. There are plenty of marketing channels are available but, those doesn’t have same type of customer/people. You need to select your marketing channels depending on your business products/services type. Here is an idea for you-

  • Facebook is best for Business to Customer type (B to C) marketing.
  • Twitter is the best for Business to Business type (B to B) marketing.
  • LinkedIn is the best for Business to Business type (B to B) marketing.
  • AdWords is best for both B to B and B to C type marketing.

Here another thing you need to remember.

You have to go for at last one social media channel along with the Google AdWords to get max return. Because, people in social media may not search your content. They will discover your content on social media feeds.

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No.6 you’re not using supplementary content materials: It’s also very important point for today’s digital content marketing campaign. Today people don’t have much time to read your business message in details. Most of the internet users are accessing the internet on the go. Therefore, you need to add supplementary visual/audio-visual contents that they can reach your business message even using their headphone/speaker.

This might sound very easy! But making a relevant supplementary content material that attracts reader’s attention and also increase content quality is a real challenge.

No.7 focusing only single type contents. If you prefer only written content for online marketing purpose then, you’re making a big mistake. Because, today people also like to watch a readable content in video format or, a video content in readable format. Not only have these, data said that people are spending more time on YouTube than the quite a few years back. So, don’t miss the opportunity. Give your marketing content a visual look and promote using YouTube via your landing page, social media, website, etc.