5 Most powerful source of free online books.

Are you a book worm? And spending lots of money behind the books. Then here is a good news for you. You can find lots of valuable books online for free using  the five most powerful free online book source bellow-

No#1 Free E-Books: This is the no.1 source for free e-book downloads. You will get almost every type of books on this site. This site has the largest collection of e-books. Not only you can get free e-books but also you can submit your e-books here. 

Most people are using this site for download unlimited number of e-books. If you really a book worm, then I would like to suggest you to go this site to find your books.  
get books for free

No#2 Google Play: Here is huge collection of free online books about almost all categories. So, you can easily find your favorite books on Google Play for free of cost.

To find free books on Google Play- Go to Google Play>> Click on Books>> Click on Top free Books to see all free books. 

Google Play

You can also buy Paid Books from here.

No#3 FreeBooks.com: Lots of categories like- Business, Romance, Politics, children, History and many more books you will get from here for free. All e-books on this site are for free.

Free Books

No#4 Project Gutenberg: Over 42000 e-books are available on Gutenberg.  People are also recommended Gutenberg as a quality e-books source online. So, here you will get quality e-books for free.


No#5 JustFreeBooks: “Just free books” is a search engine where you can get the information about only free books. You will get instant results from more than 700 websites using this search engine. 

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