The Biggest Mistakes in Small Business Advertising;

Without Advertising, it’s quite impossible to make any difference in your business revenue in today’s competitive marketplace. But, you need to invest within a proper way that you can get the proper ROI (return on investment) from your investment.

A new business always wants to generate some quick sell by placing online ads of their products online. And exactly here- they are making the biggest mistake at the very first stage of online marketing. Because, advertising is not only to increase sales, it deserves something more!

Business advertising mistakes

The Original Purpose of Advertising;

Most of the new business owners are (especially small businesses) applying this marketing tool (ads) to generate some quick sales at the very first stage of the online marketing. While the original purpose of advertising is
Branding your business first than the selling a few products.

Branding means- making reputation (trust, popularity) of your business upon a relevant group of people. People never hesitate to buy a branded products like- Puma, Adidas, Nike, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, etc.; because, these brand names are enough to make a high reputation in customer’s mind for purchasing a product. So, your business also needs, branding to build a higher reputation that customers will never think twice while they are purchasing a product from you.

 It’s also true that without business conversion you can’t run your business longer. So, you need to deliver your ads to the relevant people that you can maintain a perfect balance between business conversion and branding.

Advantages of Branding;

If you invest for branding purpose, then as a bonus you will get some quick sales from your landing page also. But, if you only invest to sell your products then, you will only generate sell till your ads are running.

Let’s compare between selling and branding using online advertising-

Branding trough advertising

So, invest in branding your business. Sells will automatically come up.

How to Brand Your Business Using Online Advertising:

Branding through advertising is totally depends on presentation style and uniqueness.Your business message will be displayed first in front of your targeted people. So, you have to make your business message attractive and unique. It’s quite impossible to say that, what exactly should be your ad-matter but, you can follow some rules definitely! Let’s make a list of some necessary tolls for branding your business or products-

  1. Business Message: Your business quality should be appeared through your business message.
  2. Landing Page: Make a landing page that can display the personality of your business.
  3. Product Quality: Your product quality should be higher in order to get the respect of your customers.
  4. Right Price: Maintain a balance your price and product quality.
  5. Standard Customer service: A quality business should have a standard customer service.

Choosing Keywords For Online Ads:

As we all know that choosing keywords is the first step of advertising. But, most of new businesses get confused between high and low competitive keywords for their first online ad campaign. People often select low competitive keywords as it comparatively cheaper than high competitive keywords.

But, the most effective way to advertise a business online is- choosing the most relevant and most searched keyword(s). It might be costly, but it will give you the maximum business conversion than a low competitive keyword. For example- if your business is related to woman jeans, then you should choose the keyword “woman jeans” instead of “jeans store “. Remember, getting more relevant people to your ads will give you more business conversion. And, getting business conversion is the sole intention of advertising.

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