15 Effective Ways to Promote Your local Business Website

There are many ways to promote your business website to get online attention to your business. People are also spending a lot of money behind the promotion of business online. But, if you are a small business owner, and want to promote your business website then, you should make a little different strategy than a regular online business! Because, local business website is not ideal for selling products/services online

It’s another matter that you might get some order over phone calls or email for that.

Local business website
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As I said early that local business advertising is not for generating direct sales, Read the article- The Biggest Mistake in Small Business Advertising;

So, it is not necessary for you to invest a lot of money on online advertising. You just need to put your website in those places, where people will notice that you’re online and they can find all their necessary information from your website. So, here presenting 15 unbeatable ways to promote a local business website-

15 best ways to promote your local business website;

  1. Print your web-address in Bills so that your existing customer can access you online. It might make them back to you more frequently.
  2. Print your website on Packets: It’s an old method to promote a business but, it’s working for also your business website promotion.
  3. Print your website with Local Banners: Almost all the local businesses are using this method to promote business. Just add your website along with your business message in all the banner you‘re placing within your locality.
  4. Print your website in business cards: It’s an excellent method to promote your business website hand to hand.
  5. Print your website on Gift Items: Many businesses over there are offering special gifts to their customers for purchasing a certain amount of products. Print your web address also on gifts.
  6. Print your website in diary: Put your web address in your yearly diary.
  7. Print your website in Calendars: Calendars are easily acceptable gift for all kinds of people. So, it’ll be one of the best option to promote your business website.
  8. Advertise website on local TV channels: Contact your local Cable TV operator to advertise your business on TV. It’s really a cheaper and working method. Don’t just advertise only the business website. Put your website along with business advertisement.
  9. Put your website in the Google Local listing: It’s free and really effective. Your business will appear on the Google search (Web and Map) for relevant local search queries.
  10. Put your web address in the email signature: Using this feature, you can send your website address automatically to the all the people who emailed you.
  11. Put your website with your local newspaper ads: You’ll be wander to know that a 2×3 inch. local newspaper ad might bring you a lot of people to your business.
  12. Put your business website on the Facebook page: You can attract your customers to your business website via Facebook by placing your business website on the Facebook page. Creating a separate Facebook page is recommended to all the business owners.
  13. Advertise your website in your local business office/store: Advertise your website within your business store and office just like all the big companies are doing (such as banks, eCommerce office, etc.). It’ll also increase your business reputation to the visitors.
  14. Advertise your website on worker’s uniform: Print your web address on the workers uniform.
  15. You can advertise your website on Facebook: Using the Facebook advertising you can reach all the people within your locality who are using a smartphone. Facebook advertising is the best for local business promotion because, here you’ll have many special advertising features such as city level, interest based, gender based, age based targeting options that you can target the exact people within your locality who might be really interested to your business

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