How your Small Business Website Should Look Like

Here is no doubt that- you must need a website to get more customer attention to your business in today’s digital world. Because, the website is the digital identity of a business when most of the people are spending a lot of time on smart phone. So, both customer and business owner need an online platform to share and grab information about a business!

Making a website for your business is doesn’t mean that you have to sell your products online! But, here your business website is just going to introduce your business, products and services to the people on the internet that they can access your business 24×7 even when your store is closed.

So, a website is the much needed thing of your business.

Business website
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Now, it is quite confusing to decide that- how your business website should look like? 

majority of our clients wants to make their website as like as their business related popular website.

But, it’s not the actual way to make your first business website. Especially, when your business is small and local customer based. Your online version competitors are selling their products online so, they need an eCommerce site to run their business. But, you don’t need an eCommerce site because you’re not going to sell online!

If you wish to sell your products online, then you have to make a large supply chain and invest a lot of money!

By the way, still you can supply a few products using courier service. To do this, you just need an “Order Now” button (link the “Order Now” button with the contact page) after every products of your small business website . 

As the main intention of a small business website to allow customers to access to their business 24×7 so, you should highlight the main business part on your website rather than products.

The much needed parts on your small business website;

  1. Latest offers in home page and link it to the offer page.
  2. A few new arrivals.
  3. A short description about your business.
  4. Product categories.
  5. Order Now option.
  6. Contact No.
  7. Address.
  8. Photo gallery (slider).
  9. Commercial advertisements (if you have one).
  10. Why your business is No.1!
Now look farrowed to the designing parts-

Just trying to focus on these things

  • Make your website clean/responsive: A clean designed website is more effective than a highly graphical and flash website. If your website is overloaded with graphics and unnecessary image slider then it takes time to load. And, it’ll make a negative impression on customers. You have to make it responsive that people can browse well even on mobile phones.
  • Make it easy-to-use: Make all the necessary links in one place that customers can navigate easily all the important part of your website/business. 
  • Make contact page visible: As your website is going to represent your business to the online customers. So, it is very important to let your customers contact you directly through phone calls or email.
  • Make sure it is mobile friendly: Today more than half of the internet users are accessing the internet through mobile phones. So, you have to make your website mobile friendly to get maximum number of customers. You can make a responsive website. It’ll load nicely both desktops and mobile devices. Check your website’s mobile friendly test.
  • Don’t overload with ads: If you think that you’ll get more positive results by displaying more advertisements on your website then you’re absolutely wrong! It’ll destroy the cleanness of your website and will take more time to load. 

So, don’t try to copy others, make your website original and unique like your business. Always give importance the demand of your business while you’re making your business website. 

Get a Free Business Website:

There are many services available where you can make your small business website for free. Like- India Get Your Business Online. It is a free service form Google. You can create your first business website here and it’s free for one year. To use this service you must your PAN card (tax information).

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