Should We Avoid Using Infolinks and Bidvertisers?

We are very much familiar with the online ad networks like Infolinks and Bidvertisers. Both are known as the alternative to the Google AdSense.

But, do you know that- these types of ad network can reduce your site reputation (content quality) to the search engines as well as to your users?

Well, it might sound unusual, but it is true!

Recently Bing content quality management team has issued a content about that. There is a clear indication that- the ads which interfere between web content and users will cause reduction of search ranking.

Not only the Bing, the search giants like Google and Yahoo are also disliked the web pages which do not care about user satisfaction and looking odd.

Now, the question is- How Infolinks, Bidvertisers ads interfering between content and users?

Michael Basilyan, Senior Program Manager (Bing content quality management team) explained it so nicely in his article. He also provided a few examples of some problematic pages there.

Read the article here.

Here is one example for you (modified for the better understanding purpose)-

Page covered with ads
Click to enlarge: Source- Bing blog

Here clearly seen that, contents are covered with advertisements and it’s very difficult to distinguish between the original web content and ads. And also, there is a confusion between ads and navigation links. So, it’s bad for SEO as per Bing concern.

Therefor, the Infolinks and Bidvertisers both are bad for SEO because- Infoinks display a large bottom banner which covers a few parts of page content and Bidvertisers display pop-up ads (also cover content).

Not only that, if- SEO is the matter of user satisfaction and should not interfere between users and contents by putting any script then, Infolinks InText ads will must also be blacklisted because- it also appears between users and contents when moves mouse over it.

Still then there are a lot of reputed websites are still using the Infolinks and they are ranked better in search results.

But, it’s quite clear that ad network like Bidvertisers who display pop-up (s) are no doubt bad for site performance.

There is an only confusion about “InText ads”. I think it is OK, but you should not use it if you have other options.

What you think?

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