When You Should Edit Your Content and Title?

There might be a several reasons behind a sudden drop of your organic traffic. But, most of the time it happens because of the high competition of a particular topic in search results. People clicks on the most relevant search results while they are looking for a particular solution using search engines.

If you see a sudden drop of organic traffic, then it’s time to find the problematic contents of your website. You can easily trace those problematic contents using the Google Webmaster Tools by following methods below-

Log-in into the Google Webmaster Tools >> Click on the infected site (If you have listed more than one site in your account) >> Now click on the ”Search Queries” to see the Click Through Rate data for your each separate search queries along with an average position of your site contents in Google search results. >> To see the more detailed results click on the “with change” tab.

Now you can see the CTRs- ups and downs of your search queries recent time.

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In the picture, it’s clearly seen that the underlined data has been dropped significantly in recent month while average search ranking is quite good for those queries. It’s because of many other valuable information about ‘Introduction of online shopping” ( As seen in the picture) has came to the Google search results page recently.

That means, you need to modify the responsible content’s Title and Meta description of those search queries. Because, search engines will only display the Title and Meta description.

To get the responsible content of your website, click on the targeted search data and you will get the more detailed report separately along with your responsible content URL. See the picture-

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Points to Remember:

If the position of your content is good enough (1st to 3rd position) then, you no need to modify your entire content. Only modify the Title and Meta Description that searchers might attract by your title. But, don’t change the keywords in your content title and meta description.

If your content is also losing the position, then you need to modify the entire content along with Title and Meta description. But don’t change keywords in your content, title and meta description. Try to increase the usefulness of your content only.

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