Social Media and SEO; How Social Shares Affects Search Ranking of Contents

Social media and search engines are totally two different things. Still then, social media is playing a big role in today’s search engine optimization process. Search engines are getting smarter day by day and its monitoring each social signal coming from different social media for the each and every web contents to make search results more useful.

Therefor, as a search engine marketer, you can’t ignore the importance of social media. You need to focus on both (Search engines and social media) to make your content more search engine optimized! But, the question is how social signals affecting the organic search results and its ranking?

Well, nobody knows how actually search engines are calculating the social signals to rank a particular group of contents. But, hopefully, there are many studies (from many trusted sources) are available to get a very close solution!

Although, social media are playing an important role in search ranking, still then I believe that search engines using social signals only to detect ”what are useful”. Because, Search engine like Google never reads every content to determine the usefulness. It’s only social media, who can indicate the human verified useful contents to the search engines (obviously, the number of social shares, likes and Tweets indicates the usefulness of contents directly or indirectly!). And then, the rest of the search ranking procedure done by the traditional ways of search engines.

Here an easy demonstration- How social shares affect search ranking of contents!

A probable solution on- How Social Shares Affects Search Ranking of Contents; An infographics

Here I’ve created an easy infographics with the search term- “Search Marketing” to show how social signals (shares, likes and Tweet) affects SEO. The infographics is showing the search engine ranking procedure for two separate contents related on the “Search Marketing”, presents in two different websites.

Now here one think should know that- the search engines like Google might not count the social signals like shares and re-tweets to determine the usefulness of a web contents but, a huge social traffic (for those shares and likes) is definitely indicate the usefulness of contents.

But, on the other hand- if your website authority (domain authority) is too low, then your content will never beat the competition although your article shared thousands of times and you have a huge social traffic for that.

So, What to do?

As, here is no doubt that today’s smart search engines are generating information from social media to detect the useful contents, so, you need to make your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) contents social media friendly also. Otherwise, you’ll never get the maximum results. And, on the other hand, to get the maximum benefit from social shares, you must increase your website authority first.

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