How Digital Advertising Affect SEO; Indirect Reaction of Paid Promotion

Although the major search engines like Google has clearly declared that there is no relation between paid advertising and search ranking still then there are many big companies has affected the search ranking by only doing paid promotion. This might sound strange, but it’s true!

Many online companies in the world are generating a huge number of organic traffic just because of investing on paid promotions like – TV, Radio, Newspaper and banner advertisements. Well, it is not a direct process, but, it’s happening indirectly!

Search engines like Google are always with the popular web materials. They always prefer popular name in the web for a better search ranking. So, if you advertise your brand or website on the common digital medium like TV, Radio and Newspaper frequently, then you will get a huge popularity overnight. For that- you will get huge social fans, too many blog mentions, and a large organic search using your brand / website name. And, these are enough to get a good search ranking for your entire business.

Here the indirect reactions of paid promotion;

You Advertise your online business on TV, Newspaper, Radio. >> Huge number of people will watch >> they’ll tell their friends >> Will be discussed in a public place, office, college, school, drawing room and gossip >> Interested people will search the Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your business more frequently >> they’ll shear your business topic in social media >> finally your business will rank better in search results.

See the short info-graphic about this (click to view full size)-

How money (paid promotion) affect SEO

Actually, without TV, Newspaper, Radio and banner advertisement, it’s quite impossible to own a better search ranking within a very short time for high competitive keywords. A modern search engine wants user friendly materials and the popular materials represents user friendly! Now, you decide- how you want to make your business popular; by paid-ads or by waiting for a long time.

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