SEO Tips; The Link Building Strategies At A Glance

Backlinks or inbound links are very important to get a better search ranking because, search engines use backlinks (“do-follow” obviously!) to determine the ranking of a web content or an entire website. Therefor if you want to see your website on the top of the Google search for your targeted keywords, then you definitely should work on link building to get some high quality back links (hyperlinks, which are pointing to your website).

There are many ways (both good and bad) to get back links for your website. But, you probably focus only on those ways which are not violating the webmaster guidelines. So, before going to start your link building strategy, it’s good to know some important things about link building and search engine ranking factors-

Link building strategy

Link building techniques at a glance;

  1. Link building is the process to generate back links/inbound links for your website.
  2. It is a part of search engine optimization process.
  3. Backlinks (do-follow) are working as a recommendation in the search ranking process. 
  4. Backlinks is directly related to the page rank.
  5. Higher quality backlinks mean more chance to get a higher search ranking.
  6. One backlink from a repudiated site like Wikipedia is hundred times better than the back links coming from hundreds of general websites. 
  7. The back links coming from trusted sites (like- government sites, nonprofit organization) can boost trust factor and search ranking at the same time.
  8. Back links coming from relevant sites are more effective than are coming from irrelevant sites.
  9. Natural links can boost site authority. The natural links are only created when people link your site on their own website for a genuine interest.
  10. On the other hand, unnatural links hurt the SEO as it’s violating the webmaster guideline. When you want to manipulate the search ranking by creating back links is called unnatural link building. For instance- paid links, link exchange, link scam, etc.
  11. It is best to create value that people like to link your site on their website. 

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