Online Jobs; A Statistical Report On Online Jobs

Here presenting a survey analysis data done by this blog to know- why and what type of online jobs people like to do. We asked people that why they are looking for online jobs. And, we finally got the results from different group of people.

Quite a few years ago the online jobs were not so famous as today. And now, a major part of the job seekers are looking for an online job over the internet. This type of jobs are also known as home based jobs as it can be operated from your home. It needs no such great requirements and no need  a minimum qualification range, a job seeker can easily mange an online job having a basic computer knowledge and internet connection.

Although, the online jobs has a bad reputation due to tons of job scammers all over the internet, beside this there are many legitimate online jobs (like- freelancing, online teaching, virtual assistant) are available to do. And, many people out there who already earning a considerable amount of money from it.

Online jobs

Now, if you are owning an online job company or you are blogging about online jobs, then, you definitely need to know people’s behaviour on online jobs for a better targeting purposes. But, unfortunately this kind of user analysis data is very rare and almost impossible to get it for free. So recently I’ve run a small survey through this blog ( to understand the online job seekers and got a really surprising results.

The Survey Results of Online Jobs Requirements;

The survey question was-

Why You are looking for online jobs?

The answering options was-

  1. I’m a student and looking for a part time job online.
  2. I need an extra income source.
  3. I don’t have any work.
  4. I need pocket money.
  5. I want to support my family.

Total number of response- 93 people.

Here the survey data-

User behavior on online jobs

Survey Analysis;

According to the survey- the five answering options are indicating the four separate groups of people who need online jobs. Because, the option No.1 and No.4 are quite similar and indicating the student group only. Now, if we separate people according to their choice, then, we can get a clear idea about which group of people mostly looking for an online job.

Now, look at the analysis chart below

  • The chart is showing the the combined report of option No.1 and No.4
  • The Option- “I’m a student and looking for a part time job online” and “I need pocket money” indicates the “Students”
  • The option- “I need an extra income source.” indicates the “working people group”.
  • The option- “I don’t have any work.” indicates the “retired persons and jobless people”
  • The option- “I want to support my family.” indicates the “Housewives”. 

Online jobs demand on different groups of people

Hope this data will help you to target more accurate people for your next campaign! If you still have any queries, then don’t hesitate to write me!

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