Online Jobs For Students; 7 Ultimate Ways to Make Money Online

A student should focus on his/her study first! But, it’s the fact that they also need some extra pocket money to maintain today’s digital lifestyle. Now practically, a student can’t ask his/her parents for money every time because, most of the parents have a fixed budget for their family maintenance purpose. So, a part time job would be a solution for them.

But, here is another problem for the students that- most of the parents don’t like to see their boys/girls are working while hey are studying. Obviously they don’t want any disturbance in their child’s education. Therefore, a student can only do an online job, which they can manage from their home in their spare time.

online jobs for stuents

So, as a student, you need to find an online job which will give you decent income without disturbing your study. After all you need to make your parents happy!

Here presenting the 7 best online jobs which are perfectly designed for the students, that you can earn extra money without disturbing study!

The 7 Online Jobs For The Students;

No.1 Earn From Smart Phones: Today’s young generation can’t live without a smart phone. They are using their smart phones in almost every place like- in school, college, bus, train and even in the toilet. But, you might never hear that your smart phone would be a part time income source for you. Yes, there are many smart phone apps (including- Android and iOS) which can supply you some real cash for a little effort. See the apps list below-

  1. Survey On The Go: By installing this app on your iOS or Android device, you can get paid surveys from different companies. Each general survey will pay you $0.25 to $5. After completing each survey, you can see your earnings grow in your SOTG account. After reaching your minimum payout balance, you can withdraw the amount to your bank through PayPal. This app is available on App Store and Google Play. Download the latest version Survey on the go app on your iPhone/iPad or on your Android phone now. 
  2. NPolls: It’s also an online survey app, which is perfectly designed for smart phone users. Here you’ll be paid to answer polls provided by the NPolls. It generally gives $0.20 for each pull. You just need to register your email address to get rewarded after installing the app. Here the minimum pay amount is $10 (through PayPal). Get NPolls on App Store (iPhone/iPad) and Google Play (Android).
  3. App Trailers: By installing this app, you can earn reward points by watching trailers, uploading videos and getting likes. After that, you can easily move those rewards points to the Amazon gift cards and or to your PayPal account. The rewards are coming from advertisers accounts who are promoting their latest trailers through this app. Here you will earn 5 points for each video watching and the minimum payout is- 500 points which is nearly $0.50. You can also make 100 points by referring this app to your friends. Get this app from App Store (iPhone/iPad) and Google Play (Android) now.

No.2 Freelancing: Freelancing is also one of the best online job for the students because, here is no load of work (that means no extra pressure on your study). As a freelancer, you can make money online by helping others like- typing a note for others, editing pictures, composing a short music, recording a video, etc. This type of jobs is also known as pay per job.

There are many well known freelance websites where you can create your free profile along with your skills to start working. Basically, you will get a freelancer job by two ways-  1) You can wait for getting hired by a person or 2) You can simply bid on a job to get hired. Here you can also set your price for each work.

Another advantage of freelancing work is, you can take it as a career in the future, if you start building a good reputation now. So, start a freelancing job now and see your skills working for you.

The list of some famous Freelancing job sites

  1. Student freelance

No.3 Sell Old Stuff Online: It’s one of my favorite online jobs. As you know, that today people using the internet also to purchase old physical products more frequently than the past. And, that is why the website like OLX, Quikr, Craigslist, eBay has become so famous today.

To earn a decent online profit from it, you just need to set-up a small counter at home that people within your locality can deliver their unused products to sell through you. Yes, I mean to say that you’re gonna help people to sell their products online. Don’t worry, you definitely can get many people who like to sell their products through you. Because, most of the people don’t like to face the problems like- packing, shipping, monitoring PayPal, etc.

After, getting products to sell, you can sell them using- eBay, Craigslist, OLX, etc. for a certain commission. I recommend the eBay because, it’s safe and hassle free. Read the basic of eBay selling.

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No.4 Data Entry Jobs: Data entry jobs are also known as typing jobs. A student can definitely do this job online, because, it’s completely home oriented. You can find a data entry job by many ways like- from a freelancing site or from online data entry sources. But, if you want to register with an online job providing company then you might be scammed. So, it’s good to find a genuine data entry recourse directly.

Here are some sources where you can find a data entry job online

  1. Capital Typing
  2. Clickworker

No.5 Create YouTube Channel: If you have a high definition video camera or a high mega pixel smart phone, then, you can create some useful videos for your YouTube channel. Once your YouTube videos start getting high traffic, then you can make money from it by uploading the Adsense. There are many people who already earning hundreds of dollars every day from YouTube.

As a student, you can create videos of your coaching classes, your school/college practical classes, tutorial videos, etc. These are all in a high on demand

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No.6 Blog About Your Favorite Subject: Blogging is also a very serious online business today. If you have a basic English writing knowledge, then you can also start a blog to make money online.

The first thing for a successful blogging is- choosing the topic on which you’re really an expert and there are something special which only you can do! The second thing is- writing only unique and real valuable contents which will be really helpful to the people. You can set-up your blog on Google Blogger (free) or WordPress (paid) very easily.

So, start blogging with your favorite subject which you love the most. Once your blog start getting traffic, then, you can earn from it by placing ads like Google Adsense.

No.7 Build a Strong Facebook Group: Students love social networking! So, creating a Facebook group with huge number of members should not be so difficult for them. Now, if you are a student and want to make money from social media site like Facebook then, you need to create a group with a huge number of members.

After that you can promote anything (like- affiliate products) on your group to make money online. For instance- you can promote a referral program like ClisSense, a home made products like a showpiece, or any other online businesses which fit with your group topic.

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