Calculate, How Much Organic Traffic Your Competitors Are getting

Every marketer and webmaster wants to appear on the top position in the Google search as it’s the No.1 search engine I the world. Only the Google can deliver most of the organic traffic to your business than any other search engines. But, before entering into the online marketplace you have to research about your competitor(s) very well to make your business strategy stronger.

There are many paid competition analysis tools are available to get many important data about your online competitors. But, as organic traffic is the natural power of any kind of online business so, you really need to examine the organic traffic history of your competitors.

Competition analysis of organic traffic

Now, do you ever calculate- how much organic traffic your competitors are getting from the Google search results for a keyword? If no, then, see the calculation below to know the estimated organic traffic of your competitor for each keyword you’ve selected-

Estimating organic traffic of your competitors for any keyword;

CTR of each position of the Google: According to the Chitika study (2013) – the average click through rate (CTR) for the Google No.1 position is 33%, No.2 position is 17.5%, No.3 position is-11.4, etc. See the full chart below-

CTR of Google SERPs Ranks
Ranking Vs CTR

Although this study is quite old and the Google has updated its algorithms, so many times within this time period but, still this chart is quite accurate for today also. See the Google Search Console data of one of my post keyword as proof.-

Average CTR of Google Top Position 2016

Estimated organic traffic of your competitors: Next, you just need to know the average monthly search volume data of every keyword your competitors are using. Go to the Google Keyword Planner to know the keywords search volume data. It’s free!

Now, see an example calculation-

Let’s have a keyword “Search engine optimization”.

Avg. Monthly search- 60,500

Now, according to the Positioning Chart

  • Google No.1 position (first competitor) is getting- (60500×33) ÷100= 19965 organic traffic.
  • Google No.2 Position (second competitor) is getting- (60500×17.5) ÷100= 10587 organic traffic.
  • Google No.3 Position (third competitor) is getting- (60500×11.4) ÷100= 6897 organic traffic.

Now, use this formula to determine your competitor’s organic traffic history for any keyword.

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