10 Things To Do, Just After Launching Your Business Website

Making a business website is not just everything to take your business online. Most of the new business (especially small businesses) is expecting a satisfactory results from their newly made websites without making it acceptable to the targeted people and the technology. It’s probably reflecting a less knowledge on the internet business process.

Remember, making your business website is just the first step into the online business world. Here, you need to do many other essential things with your newly made website that you can get a better business conversion in the near future (because, success needs some time also). Here presenting the 10 most important things-

Must do Things After Making a Business Website;

1. Install Google Analytics; The Google Analytics is one of the most popular analyzing tools to analyze your website performance and its real time traffic behavior. There are many other web analytic tools are available in the market like- Clicky and Woopra but, the Google Analytics is unbeatable. Here you can track your website performance and all the necessary business data such as- goal conversion, banner ad performances, business conversion rate at the same place.

It’s absolutely free and very easy to use. You can set-up the Google Analytics for your business website using your Gmail address from here. After setting-up your Analytics account, paste the tracking code to each page, just after  <body>  tag. If you want to track entire website then paste the code after <head> tag.

2. Sign-up for Search Console; Google Search Console (formerly, Google Webmaster Tools) is also one of the must usages things for every website owner. This tool will show you your website’s performance in the Google search engines and will also give warning signs for any kind of SEO (search engine optimization) errors within your business website. Not only that, this tool will also show you how Google indexed your website. You probably can choose other webmaster tools such as Bing webmaster tools but, Google Search Console is the best as a majority of people are using the Google search engine.

It’s also a free service from Google and you can set a webmaster account by using your Gmail address by a few clicks. Sign up for Search Console now. Read more about Search Console here.

3. Create Social Media Profiles; Today social media is a part of your life. All most half of the world are accessing social media on different kind of devices everyday. So, you have to make your website available on social media sites also that you can reach the maximum number of relevant people. Not only that, the social media recommendation (such as- Facebook likes & +1’s) can increase the trust level of your business to the customers.

Recommended social media for small business websites are- Facebook page, Google+ and LinkedIn. To get better results, you need to update your social media profile regularly with interesting business topic.

4. Set-up Your Business Emails; A business email has also the same importance like your business phone. Having a business edition email address not only allow your customers to contact you, it also shows that you own a serious business. I’ve seen many people using free email service like gmail.com for business purpose. But, you should remember that free email service like gmail.com are only for personal use not business purpose.

You need to use an business (custom) email service like Godaddy and Google email service.
5. Set-up Email Marketing campaign; Email marketing is simply a method to send your business or promotional emails to your selected group of people or customers. To do this you need to focus on the main three important sections. Those are- an email marketing platform from where you can send multiple email at a time, list of email addresses of relevant people and perfect business message to send.
MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tool where you can send 12,000 emails every month for free up to 2,000 people.
6. Run Online Ads; If you want some quick business conversion or want to get noticed quickly, then, you need to run online ads. There are mainly two types of online advertising campaign available- Cost Per Clicks and Cost Per Million Impression. You can choose any of advertisement depending on your budget and demands.
There are many useful online advertising platforms are available like- AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing(Microsoft) ads, etc.
7. Hire an SEO Firm; If you want to run your business long then you have to work on SEO (Search engine optimization) to get traffic from search engines like- Google, Yahoo and Bing. Because, it’s quite impossible to run ads for a long time especially for the new businesses. So, you need to hire an SEO firm who can boost your business visibility in search engines.
8. Create Mobile App; If you want to make you business easy to access then, you definitely create a mobile app for that. Because, more than half of the internet user are accessing the internet through mobile devices.

Making a mobile app might be costly, but, it’ll give you some quality customers within a very short time. Appery.ioTheAppBuilderMobile Roadie are the best app maker site.

9. Start Promoting Offline; Not only online, you can also start promoting your business website offline also. There are so many awesome offline promoting ways are available such as- through business card, bills, packets, etc.

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10. Make a YouTube Channel; Today YouTube has more than 1 billion users. So, it’s become one of the natural way to produce your business message in front of the millions of potential customers. Just create useful business related videos and upload them on YouTube.

    YouTube might not generate huge traffic for your website, but it can supply enough business conversion itself because, video is the best way to produce your business message than written contents. It’s also a free service and you can use this service using your Google Account. 

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